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Payroll accounting and financial accounting, financial statements

In the context of payroll accounting and financial accounting we offer our clients full service for all accounting activities. We set up and dispose the bookkeeping for our clients, we control the entries and we offer recommendations for work assistance. The issue of business reporting or due-process VAT are only some examples for our multitude services that are related to the financial accounting. Additionally, we offer the preparation of annual fiscal statements and special purpose balance sheets. Depending upon specific inducements this could include a dissolution balance sheet, a capital reconstruction statement or a liquidation balance sheet. In addition, we support you with property analysis and the presentation of balance sheets at credit institutions.

Tax planning and consulting for entrepreneurs

We accompany business decisions with ideal planned taxation concepts. Thus, we can guarantee our clients that an investment will effectively be profitable. In elaborate personal meetings and talks we will find a mutual solution that will fully meet your requirements.


Representation in all fiscal legal proceedings

As a matter of course we represent our clients in all legal and out of court notification of remedies proceedings. This includes for example the dealing with objections against assessment notices. We also represent you at the Finance Court, the Federal Finance Court or at IRS-audits.


Auditing – Figures have to be correct

Duly kept books are necessary requirements for business partnerships and successful negotiations with creditors and third parties.

In certain cases, the auditing of annual accounts and consolidated accounts is required by law. This auditing has to be performed by an independent expert: the auditor (CPA). The auditors of our group offer you the service for legally required audits as well as voluntary audits. We are also available for special audits that fit to your specific requirements. As a matter of course we have perfect knowledge of the various standards, German Commercial Law as well as International Accounting Standards (IAS) / International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).